I'm Gary and I believe that science and technology has the power to change the world for the better. I believe that international collaboration leads to better solutions for the challenges that we are facing as a society. I believe that knowledge, learning and innovation are the tools that will ensure the security, growth and harmony of the human race for decades to come.

I provide open, honest and effective coaching that equips scientists and entrepreneurs with the skills to access funding, with the skills to develop themselves and with the skills to lead international research teams.

For outstanding leaders
One-on-one coaching or group coaching to understand your greatest fears, deepest anxieties, overcome your biggest challenges and develop your leadership skills.

For outstanding proposal writers and European project managers
One-on-one coaching or group coaching to develop yourself as a proposal writer. 

For outstanding ideas
One-on-one mentoring and coaching to write a proposal for UK and/or EU funding.

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What can you expect to gain by being a member of this list?
With my leadership in science and research newsletter we will develop your skills to become an effective and efficient leader.